Wind turbines 60kW, 80kW and 100kW

for different wind classes

60kW wind turbine with extra large rotor diameter 24m

Annual output of 240.000kWh at 6m/s

With a swept area of 452m², this wind turbine reaches the rated power of 60kW already at 8m/s on hub height. Thus this wind turbine, especially optimized for weak wind, offers higher and more regular output than wind turbines with 80 to 100kW with similar rotor-diameter, reaching their rated power at much higher wind speed.

Manufactured and developed in West-Europe by established manufacturer of electric components for power supply infrastructure.

The wind turbine is designed according to the European norm IEC 61400-1.
Certified by TUV: power curve, noise measurement

Main features
  • Simple, proven and solid technology
  • Rotor diameter 24m, swept area 452m²
  • Permanent magnet synchron generator.
  • Low rotation speed 10 - 43 rpm
    Low noise level, report available
  • On-grid connection: 3-phase, 400V
  • Gear box
  • Hydraulic activated Pitch
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Low maintenance
  • High availability and safety

Hot galvanized and painted
Hub heights: 30m or 38m

Equipped with a PLC with Modem. Remote control via Ethernet or mobile connection, to be provided by customer.

Warranty: five years

Please send your enquiry.

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