Wind turbines with innovative technology and design.

  • on grid
  • off grid 230V, 110V and DC 48V

Active Pitch-angle-control in dependence of wind speed and rpm!
Optimised output, over-voltage control and over-speed control and safety control at high wind speeds.

Lower noise compared to wind turbines with 3 blades. Lower rpm.

Low weight. Also predestinated for installation on roofs.
The high number of slim blades, made of a composition of GRP and CFP, and the lower revolution speed result in lower dynamic forces compared to wind turbines with 3 blades. More constant operation under gusty and turbulent wind conditions.

wind turbine controller
PLC with optional remote control

on-grid and off-grid poles:
Different, patented pole systems
Type T1: hub height up to 7m, tilting by winch, roof installation
Type T2: hub height up to 12m, tilting by winch
Type T3: hub height up to 18m

Manufactured in West-Europe

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    horizontales Windenergieanlage-1,5kW-5kW, Windrad, Windkraftanlage

horizontales Windenergieanlage-1,5kW-5kW, Windrad, Windkraftanlage

horizontale Windturbine-2kW-3kW-4kW-5kW, Windräder, Windenergieanlage